Vocational Development includes on campus and community activities designed to teach our students to be productive members of the community and help prepare them for life once they are no longer in school.  Activities are tailored for the students according to their interests and skill sets. On campus activities include the Snack Shack, Yard Sales, Garden work, cleaning, set up/break down of the auditorium, etc. These are great opportunities to learn and practice real world skills within a familiar environment.

Our Vocational Development in the community allows our students to apply their skills in the natural environment. This includes working in a variety of business locations such as: restaurants, retail shops, parks, offices, rental shops, boat rental store, grocery stores, libraries, and more.  The list of locations where we work continues to grow every year.

The following are some of the skills that we work on within each vocational environment:

  • Skills for the Workplace
  • Safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Focus on Task
  • Task list completion
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership and teamwork